CS401 First Post

Well, this is my first blog post for the CS401 course. Most of the stuff mentioned in the class so far is stuff that I already have experience with, or at least understand the concepts behind. It will be good to get more experience using some of the tools like source control and tracker. I’ve used them somewhat, but it will be nice to get a more well rounded experience with them.

I am hoping that we get to do some work for the Irrlicht project, but if not I wouldn’t mind working on Firefox, since I am already fairly comfortable with C++ and JavaScript.

3 responses to “CS401 First Post

    • Well, for one thing I would like to avoid working on anything that is going to make its way back to google. Also, code quality is subjective. I am sure the firefox codebase is sub par. The chromium code pase is likely sub par as well. I think that is part of the point of the project, though, working on already established codebases that are not optimal but you cannot replace it. That is what the book said, at least.

      Plus, I honestly don’t want to work on anything besides Irrlicht, but if we have to work on something else, as I understand it, firefox is largely in javascript which would be interesting for us to work in.

      Other than not wanting to contribute to google at all, I am ok with anything as long as it’s not in a language like java or python. Something in C++, JavaScript, Ruby or even PHP.

    • Since you’ll be contributing to an OSS project, Google is free to use anything you work submit. The Chromium codebase is known among C++ programmers as being an excellent piece of work (see the links I posted). Irrlicht is a great project though.

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