CS401 FLOSS Doomed to fail test

Personally, I think that the test we used ( http://www.theopensourceway.org/book/The_Open_Source_Way-How_to_tell_if_a_FLOSS_project_is_doomed_to_FAIL.html ) is pretty silly. The criteria range from mundane to inane, and seem to automatically discount any project that might happen to be windows only (Say, perhaps an open source C#.NET wrapper for DirectX? http://slimdx.org ). I think there is some good information, but other parts of it are strange (Being vaporware means your project is doomed to failure? Who would have guessed?)

In any case, testing eucalyptus with this doesn’t really tell you anything about the project because it’s a long established project.

This week we also split into new groups and started working on seperate projects. I’ll be working on adding documentation to provide a more in depth overview of the eucalyptus architecture.

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